Jeremy Daly

Jeremy is a passionate serverless advocate, an AWS Serverless Hero, and a senior technology leader with more than 20 years of experience building web and mobile applications. He is an active member of the serverless community, creating and contributing to open source serverless projects, and frequently consulting with companies looking to adopt serverless. Jeremy also writes extensively about serverless on his blog ( and publishes Off-by-none, a weekly newsletter that focuses on all things serverless ( He is currently the CTO of AlertMe.

Talk: Stop calling everything serverless!

Since AWS launched Lambda in 2014, the term “serverless” has been used (and misused) to describe compute models, technologies, architectural patterns, operational constructs, and even rebranded cgi-bins. The term is now used so broadly that it’s turning into a buzzword with no discernible meaning.

In this talk, we’ll cut through all the marketing hype, and discuss why the underlying concept of “serverless”, and the superpowers that come with it, are much more important than the name itself. We’ll cover:

- A brief history of development and how/why we got to serverless

- Why serverless requires developers to think differently about how applications are built

- Serverless use cases that add real business value

- Problems with serverless and what the industry needs to do better

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