Alessandro Gaggia

Currently Working as Head of Software Development for beSharp srl focused on front/back end development of cloud-based web apps based on Amazon AWS. Certified Solution Architect and DevOps professional on AWS services, PhD in Computer Engineering, I’ve also worked for Computer Vision Lab in University of Pavia on new approaches to, and algorithms for, Bioinformatics: proteins surface reconstruction and docking through Extended Gaussian Image (E.G.I.) representation. Since June 2009, I have also been working with Anthony Baldry, Marco Porta and others on a new generation of web tools as part of the European 7th Framework Living Knowledge project. I specialize in the following areas: javascript, node.js, c, c++, c#, java, grails, opengl, xna, unity and ruby programming, graphics and web design. In my spare time I love watching series and going to cinema, cooking, gardening, coding videogames and drawing. I’m a Dogs & Cats lover. I recently started learning electric guitar.

Talk: You have 1 new (serverless) notification!

In this talk we will cover how to develop a serverless in-app notification system! Using API Gateway’s WebSocket APIs we’ll build a working serverless solution to make real-time notifications. With Lambda, DynamoDB, IAM, SQS, API Gateway we will setup a complete example featuring channel filtering.

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